Ayur mantra for health and wellbeing

This is a chant for health and wellbeing.

It acknowledges the different areas of prana the life force that animates everything.

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Friends, this is a chant for well-being and health. My teacher loves this chant and when ever i'm chanting it, it brings back memories of being with him.

Did you know that traditionally the teacher doesn't share the meaning of the chant? This is because unlike other languages Sanskrit hold the meaning in the sound. So by chanting the sounds accurately we then get to directly experience the meaning through the effect of the sounds.. isn't that amazing. This is what is meant when we say Sanskrit is a language of vibration.

You think of yourself as a solid structure? Well we are all just a bunch of cells that are hanging out together.. vibrating.. when we chant we change the vibration of our cells ! We literally make them dance with joy and pleasure.. when the body is relaxed, mind is relaxed, breath is even.. something happens.. so do you practice and experience the benefits for yourself.

More about this months mantra-

"This mantra is for good health and strong immunity. Sanskrit chant that encourages good health and strong immunity.And there’s never a time when we don’t want these

Health is wealth Interesting the word immunity holds within it “unity” for part of strong immunity comes from. Unity of thought word and deed, unity of purpose and living in alignment with what we know to be true.

The “dhehi” is asking that health and wellness be fully and firmly established in each of these aspects

āyur = life

prāṇaṃ = vital force

vyānaṃ = vital force which distributes or circulates

apānaṃ = vital force which moves things downwards (and therefore eliminates them or excretes them or releases them)

cakṣur = eyes

śrotraṃ = ears

mano = mind

vācaṃ = speech

ātmānaṃ = Self

pratiṣṭhāṃ = point of support

māṃ = to me

mayi = in me

This video is from a class at The Ayurveda Institute in the days BL (before lockdown) and is shared so you can chant along"

Quoted from Gaiea Sanskrit

11 Ayurmantrah II.pdf

In the beginning of our mantra journey we seek to understand things through the mind, as we deepen into practice we seek to experience from the inside out. Let's commit to experiencing the mysteriousness of chanting together. Through practice not through the intellect but through sadhana... this is the yogic path.

You can practice the sacred sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet through listening to the recording at the bottom of this page - the image of the transliterated alphabet is below as well... listening with focus is an imperative part of chanting.. I'd provide more detailed instructions in later months. Or you can ask me to focus on this in our one to one session. Perhaps you'd like to book one? Get in touch - [email protected]

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